The Professional Advantage

Our employed are our most value assets. Happy employees lead to happy clients. After being selected through a tough procedure they are trained to listen to the client and understand his method of working and deliver the most appropriate solution. Our commitment is to guide and hone the skills of each employee while recognizing and rewarding dedication and outstanding performance. We realize that our solution impact the client’s business. The ethos the quality control and deliverance is thus imbibed in to the grassroots of the organization where in each employee feels responsible towards the reputation of the client.

The For-you Advantage

Our engineers spend hours at length evaluating the client’s problem. They then sift through multiple solutions to hit upon one that best suits the need. In cases where the client is teach savvy, we welcome his inputs and involvement in the process of planning and design. We enjoy listening to our client, his insight helps us understand his requirement and offer him perfect technical advice. Even last minute changes in the specifications are accommodated. A highlight of the level of comfort our clients enjoy with us.

The Quality Advantage

Our machines stand the rigors of usage and deliver optimum performance over their entire lifetime. Of course, we put premium quality into every inch, from the steel to the technology into machines to the partner you in your quest for perfection. Your ally in business, leading you towards unbridled growth and profits. Our machines are simpler to operate thanks to years of infield research to create more efficient and stable process. Stringent quality and durability tests from component level to assembled are to be cleared before any equipment leaves the factory.

The Service Advantage

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond just a sale, it extends to a life long relationship. We have a personal attachment with every machine wealth sale. A Polygraph customer faces any problems with his machines but even if he does he is treated swiftly and diligently, respectively of the value of sale. That is why we never call our services ‘after sales’ we refer to it has ‘lifetime service’. Moreover, our spares are quickly obtainable and reasonably priced giving the client, a range of cost effective optimized quality solutions each time, on time.

The Commitment Advantage

Our directors believe in a transparent work culture, they are always easily accessible to our clients. All assignments irrespective of size and worth receive our commitment and service. For us all clients are equal and even the smallest of issues or problems are handled with the same care and professionalism. Our client’s forward their specification to us and rest assured that we will deliver to their satisfaction. The confidence has yielded many repeat orders from our exiting clients. Every aspects of our business start with You, works for You, Be it commitment, service, management or quality. That’s the ‘You Technology’ working for you at Polygraph. The Polygraph commitment, the eternal advantage on your side.